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Maltego training

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The IT security and intelligence community love Maltego – whether it be mapping a target’s infrastructure or profiling a person’s sphere of influence.

During this course we will help you unlock the true potential and raw power of Maltego – from helping you to understand the underlying technologies to exploring the full potential of Maltego’s analytic capabilities. Join us and we’ll show you how to navigate and map the Internet’s darkest rivers…

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Maltego training for Beginners

Who Should Attend
This course offers skillsets that apply to almost anyone interested in gathering information and gaining intelligence. Specifically people in the following industries will benefit greatly:

Open source intelligence
IT security
Law enforcement or intelligence
Data mining
Prerequisite Knowledge
Basic knowledge of OSINT and networking and DNS. Understanding how Internet services work is an advantage.
Hardware / Software Requirements
NB NB! Bring your own EXTERNAL mouse!
The laptop should be of a reasonable specification, we recommend at least 8GB of RAM with at least 16GB of disk space free and ideally be VTX compatible.
Ethernet connection preferred.
Day 1:
Introduction to Maltego and Open Source Intelligence (OSINT).
How to get the most out of the tool – the tips and tricks that we regularly use in investigations.
Importing and exporting data to/from Maltego.
Mapping organizations on infrastructure level.
Classifying infrastructure.
Determining technologies used by a company and idenitifying possible weak spots.
Day 2:
Attribution – find the people and organisations behind the infrastructure we found on day 1.
Techniques to find, profile and influence individuals or groups of people
Working with social networks, geotagged pictures, devices and aliases.
Spheres of influence around individuals.


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