Books By Jit Banerjee

2nd floor

Linux guide v1 by CEH POINT

Linux guide v1

This is a E-book where you will get Every knowledge about Linux.

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Cybercrime by CEH Banerjee

Cybercrime v1


Learn about Cyber crime and Cyber law(Bengali & English)

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Introduction about Hacking

Learn about Hacking 

Hacker and Ethical Hacker difference

CIA (Cyber Security Goal)

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Importent books

Understanding Cryptography

Cryptography By Jit

Understanding Cryptography

Learn Cryptography 

The art of protecting information by transforming it (encrypting it) into an unreadable format, called cipher text. Only those who possess a secret key can decipher (or decrypt) the message into plain text. ...Cryptography is used to protect e-mail messages, credit card information, and corporate data.

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Network Security

Network security by Jit

In this book you will learn everything about Network Security and attacks over network

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Blind SQL injection Attack

Blind sql pdf by Jit

Learn SQLi 

In this E-BOOK you will learn more about SQL injection Attack 

Topic-> Web application Penetration testing


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First floor

Learn Cyber law v1


Little E-BOOK for understanding our Indian Cyber law

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CEH v10 Exam preparation guide

CEH v10 guide

Its 100% Guarantee you will get 90+ after completing this this E-BOOK

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How to Hack Facebook


Facebook Hacking Guide v1

It's a ebook where you will find out the exact method hacker use to Hack Facebook

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Important books

Ground floor


Network fundamental 1

Learn Networking


Subject - Networking

Topics Covered - 

1. Types of Network

2. Types of Basic Network

3. Types of Broad Network

4. Benefits of Network

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Network fundamental 2

In this E-BOOK you will learn about device what we use for networking

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Network fundamental 3

Learn about network topology

In this ebook you will learn about Network topology

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New books

Online scams

Stay safe on internet

In this book you will learn about Online scams and fraud.


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Cybercrime law

Understading Cyber law (International all in one)

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How to read 5 books in 2days

In this books you will learn books reading techniques for reading more books in less time

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